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Lit is a key management network for decentralized signing and encryption. Create apps and wallets that use secrets without single points of failure.

Edge and Node
Index Network
Lens Protocol
Edge and Node
Index Network
Lens Protocol

Sign. Encrypt. Compute.

Keys managed on Lit are distributed and fault tolerant, so no centralized authority can ever withhold access. Use Lit to build digital ownership experiences with greater privacy, flexibility, and control.

Distributed Wallets

Streamline user experience with distributed wallets

Empower your users with wallets secured by their existing authentication like social logins and passkeys. Deliver seamless onboarding, easy recovery, and user-centric security features—all without worrying about managing private keys.

Build with Lit wallets
Sign in modal with multiple authentication options

Claimable wallets

Effortlessly provision wallets that are pre-generated from human-readable identities, such as emails or phone numbers.

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Session keys

Use session keys to enable a range of authorized actions—from signing to decryption—without repeated authentication.

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Popular integrations

Use Lit's ready-made integrations with ethers.js and WalletConnect to quickly build signing and dapp interactions.

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Decentralized Encryption

Store private data on the open web with flexible access control

Define conditional rules to control access to private data, stored anywhere. The Lit network will validate your rules and grant decryption capabilities only when your defined conditions are met, without ever accessing the private data.

Integrate access control
Access control modal with option to add rules

Identity-based encryption

Safeguard private data with client-side encryption, and grant decryption keys only when defined conditions are met.

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Access control conditions

Easily mix and match conditions on-chain or off-chain data with boolean logic to define flexible access control rules.

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JWT signing

Define access control conditions to sign JWTs that can be used to load dynamic content from a server.

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Serverless Functions

Power your apps with serverless signing automations

Create immutable serverless functions for event-based signing, encryption, and identity management. Add advanced functionality to your apps and iterate faster, all without the burden of scaling key infrastructure.

Dive into Lit Actions
Lit Actions modal for setting up a new action and its signing conditions

Conditional signing

Write immutable JavaScript logic to generate signatures when your specified on-chain or off-chain conditions are met.

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Fetch off-chain data

Lit Actions natively support fetching off-chain data, eliminating the need to integrate a trusted third party oracle.

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Secure infrastructure

Lit leverages a secure JavaScript runtime and advanced hardware protection to ensure that your code is tamper-proof.

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Globally Distributed

The Lit Network

Currently in developer preview, Lit is a network of 30+ nodes utilizing cutting-edge cryptography, robust hardware, and peer-to-peer networking to securely generate and manage keys.

Distributed trust

Harnessing multi-party computation (MPC) and threshold secret schemes (TSS), Lit distributes encrypted key shares across the Lit network. Neither you nor your users need to store any private key material. No party ever possesses the entire key.

Embedded security

Lit leverages trusted execution environments (TEEs) to ensure that node operators never have access to key shares or computations processed within the nodes. Your keys and data remains private and untouched.

Native interoperability

The keys managed on Lit can read and write data across blockchains, storage networks, and state machines—bridging previously disconnected ecosystems. Build experiences that span web2 and web3.

Our Approach

Revolutionizing secret management with decentralization

Lit combines applied cryptography with secure enclaves in a peer-to-peer network to ensure censorship-resistant key access and complete data privacy.

Traditional MPC

Broken key management
Centralized controllersSingle points of failureService denialsData silosVendor lock-in

Lit Protocol

Computer connected to Lit nodes
Decentralized networkFault-tolerant designProgrammableScalablePermissionless
Limitless Possibilities

Versatile tooling for any use case

Lit is designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing stack, enabling a diverse range of use cases from DeFi automation to private web3 social and ‘wallet as a service‘ infrastructure.

Intuitive wallet onboarding & recovery

Enable users to create and back up their wallets⁠—EOA, MPC, or AA⁠—using social recovery, passkeys, and other user-friendly authentication methods.

Unique token-gated experiences

Craft exclusive access, content, and experiences for your community members, tailored to the digital assets they own.

Automated credential issuance

Issue tamper-proof, verifiable credentials programmatically at scale, based on on-chain or off-chain conditions.

Streamlined DeFi automation

Unlock new DeFi experiences, such as limit orders and liquidity loss prevention, with conditional transaction execution and off-chain triggers.

Native cross-chain swaps

Use Lit to seamlessly transfer assets and data across chain, without relying on a centralized bridge or intermediary.

Open data marketplaces

Facilitate transparent and secure data exchanges between individuals and organizations, enabling users to monetize or share their data on their terms.

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Build a more open, secure internet

Lit's decentralized key network enables progressive self custody, powering the next generation of identity management on the open web.

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